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Wicked Powder Works has introduced a 1 lb Pentinary Exploding Reactive Target in an easy to use and hit 6" square flat box (think small pizza box). This is NOT like the "other" guys, It's not your grandpa's binary target. It's a Pentinary mix split into two safe to ship parts. The kit consists of two bags and a box. To use you simply put the contents of the small bag into the big bag, mix and place back in the box. The box holds the bag flat giving you an easy to see and hit target. As we have only a cardboard box and plastic bags containing the explosive there isn't much left (I haven't found any), so it's range friendly. No ugly plastic shards to pick up.

1lb Target

1lb Target
6in Box

We have gone to great lengths to bring a superior product to market. Using high quality ingredients such as (oops can't say that it's a secret), a better range friendly package and easier (and less messy) mixing.
Distribution will be through network of distributors.

The market in reactive targets has been relatively unchanged in the last 15 years, with the last big advance being the use of a wide mouth bottle. The ingredients and chemical reactions have not changed, and development pretty much flat. Well the Wicked Powder Works team took up the challenge to make a target that not only looked different, but took the reactive target to an entirely new level. (More in the Newsletters)

Rimfire/Pistol/Carbine Targets

We have been asked repeatedly if we can make a rimfire/pistol carbine target. Well, we don't, but YOU CAN with our target kit, as the end manufacturer. (The rest is in the Newsletters)

A Reactive Target In Action

Testing formulas can be fun. Here Ross Valory bass player with the rock band Journey shows that he can get a hit off-stage. Hitting a custom made 8lb target at about 250 yd giving us a resounding bass note.

Ross Valory Gets a Hit Off Stage
8lb custom target @ 250yds

Prototype testing in this YouTube video (By the way, the box you see shattering at high speed is an old fire safe with ½ pound placed on the outside) enjoy.

Here's a YouTube video of two pounds used for special effect shot, along with 5 gallons of fuel. (We do love our mushroom clouds and shock waves.)

The standards for our test are 55 gr 5.56×45mm, 100yd distance and 1 lb target. The Range is in NW AZ at 3,000 ft.