Wicked Powder Works Newsletters

Rimfire/Pistol Targets

We have been asked repeatedly if we can make a rimfire/pistol carbine target. Well, we don't, but YOU CAN with our target kit, as the end manufacturer. Let me take a minute and explain.

By making a target sensitive enough to go off with rimfire calibers lends a lot of liability to a company that packages it. So in that tone, we made a less sensitive blend, but that doesn't stop you from converting it to a rimfire capability. We added extra catalyst to our targets to lower sensitivity (the extra catalyst uses atmospheric gasses, so it adds more boom). So it is really rather simple to convert our current cemterfire target kit to a rimfire kit.

To convert the kits, simply reduce the weight of the gray catalyst bag to between 26 and 27 grams (includes the weight of the bag itself). Yes, that is all there is to it. By doing this, we were able to set off targets at 200 yards using 40 grain Remington Thunderbolt with a velocity of 1255 (at the muzzle), and at an altitude of 550 feet above sea level. We suggest higher velocity 22 ammunition if you plan on converting your target kit to ensure proper initiation.

So there it is. You had a 22 sensitive kit in your hands all along. The safe distance is still 100 yards, but with a little bullet like the 22 LR, you now have a real challenge. Be Safe and Enjoy.

A New Achievement in Reactive Targets

The market in reactive targets has been relatively unchanged in the last 15 years, with the last big advance being the use of a wide mouth bottle. The ingredients and chemical reactions have not changed, and development pretty much flat. Well the Wicked Powder Works team took up the challenge to make a target that not only looked different, but took the reactive target to an entirely new level.

First was the packaging. Reactive targets come in wide mouth bottles. Only one problem, that plastic takes a long time to break down, and puts litter into the landscape. We said enough of that garbage, and are introducing our range friendly, completely biodegradable packaging. We put it in paper. No more bottles. Easier mixing. Long shelf life with stable temperature storage, hot or cold. Easy to shoot, and does not spill with a ricochet or near miss. Yes, we are shooters too, and understand the frustration of that dated packaging.

Second was quality ingredients. We only use low density, explosive grade prill, never fertilizer. That rain of pellets coming back down does not occur. The end result is a target that works, and works well consistently.

Third was how it hit. Most shooters are not chemists. They do not understand that the formulas used in most binary targets of today predates their grandfathers. No joke. Most date from the late 1890s to about 1920. So in some cases, their great grandfathers. We decided to spice up the mix. We decided to be chefs, in a land of cooks. The proof is in the final product. Pentinary over binary, kind of like adding the right spices to a good cut of meat.

Comparing the speed between what you are currently using, is like comparing the speed of a prop plane to a jet. The unique chemical combination that we discovered allows for multiple fast feeding reactions to occur, causing an explosive effect like no other target on the market. How much faster, you may ask? Reactive speed is a little over three times that of the current best selling target on the market!!! What this means for you as a shooter is that you will feel an effect that hits you harder, hits you faster, and don't be surprised when the boom is delayed behind that shock wave. Yeah, it is that fast.

By the way, safety is also a concern. Even though these targets pack a punch, we did put them through our safety testing process of drop testing (5 grams formula, 5 kg hammer, one meter, but don't try this at home), and low temperature flame testing on mixed compound. In addition, unmixed ingredients are inert, and even mixed compound can be made inert with the submersion in water. But still be careful in how you place these. That fast speed that we talked about earlier has a tendency to destroy almost anything you may place it on. We also recommend that you keep these at least three feet off of the ground, because that increased velocity causes more force to be released quicker, picking up any debris if placed on the ground.

So easily stored, long shelf life, harder hitting reactive targets. What more can a shooter ask for? Well how about these targets at your local retailer? Tell them to drop us a line, and we will see what we can do.

The Wicked Powders Team