DEATH, Dismemberment and Injury can occur if this product is misused! Follow the instructions for safe use. Rocks, metal and other debris can be turned into lethal projectiles buy the explosion!


    See the Video here.

The misuse of of this kit can cause property damage, loss of limb and/or loss of life!
These instructions MUST be followed for safe use.
1. Open Box.
2. Open bag 'A'.
3. Open bag 'B' and pour the contents of bag 'A' into bag 'B'.
4. Put bag 'A' into bag 'B' (less trash) and close bag 'B' (let the air out).
5. Mix the contents by rocking the bag back and forth.
6. Put bag 'B' back in box and close box.
7. IMPORTANT Place target in safe manner:


    This is Important

You MUST be a safe distance from the target we recommend at least 100 yard minimum distance. Support a minimum of 3 feet off the ground.
WARNING: Rocks can become dangerous or deadly projectiles. DO NOT place on rocky ground.
Hang from gallows or on a string between two posts. Keep a minimum x ft between targets. You can close the box over the string or use a pice of tape
When shooting don't forget ear and eye protection.
Misuse of this kit can maim and/or kill you!


Who ever mixes the contents of this kit (the explosive manufacturer) assumes all responsibility for the safety and lives of those involved with the use of this kit.

When you mix the contents of this kit you have become an explosive manufacturer under BATFE regulations subject to the regulatory requirements found in 27 CFR, Part 555. See the BATFE web site for more information.

We take no responsibility or liability for misuse by the explosive manufacturer, you.

Be safe, Have Fun